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Car Scratch Cover Up Sticker

Looking for a surrogate to protect your car's door from scratch? A Car Scratch cover up Sticker would be perfect! This Sticker comes with a carbon fiber Sticker body and a ridgeline strip for anti-scratch protection.

Car Scratch Cover Up Sticker Walmart

This Car Scratch cover up Sticker is fantastic for your carbon fiber honda civic 2022, this stickers is first-rate for that first-rate together feeling when you work hard together and it's valuable for the winter too! This Sticker is a terrific way to add a touch of realism to your car. It is a stickers for the Car with a dents and it gives a green bandage cover over the dents, it is for two packs and comes with a fc card. This Car Sticker cover will keep your Car clean and free of scratches, the carbon fiber Sticker will also help to protect your Car from scuffing and other damage. This Car stickers is excellent to your needs! It is an enticing substitute to protect your Car from Scratch and also make it more visible, it comes in various colors and styles, making it first-class for any car.